Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.06


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A slight floral opening
gives way to bold
& beautiful notes.

Peaty, smoky, smooth
& earthy, the scent
of the selfless vessel,
incubating the
finest spirits
throughout the years.

Top: Absinthe, Coriander & Pink Peppercorn
Heart: Rum, Myrrh & Orange Blossom
Base: Oak Barrel, Leather, Vanilla, Patchouli & Vetyver

BARREL mesmerizes from the start with an effervescent burst of a fresh, spicy facet and a juicy orange note, complemented by a mild presence of green, sweet, and bitter absinthe. Transitioning into an indulgent and addictive heart, the fragrance blends balms, liquor, and vanilla with a glowing, smooth undertone from white floralcy, gradually evolving into deeper hues. The hypnotic and captivating trail achieves a masterful balance, intertwining boozy woods, balmy resin, smoky powdery facets and dark vanilla pods.

Size 75ml
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Size 15ml
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7 reviews

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  1. isanie

    This perfume is exactly what the name promises: the intoxicating scent of a barrel filled with a fine spirit. The wood saturated with the drink inside, a warm comforting scent, full bodied with just enough sweetness. It is woven through with the tanginess of tanine so it doesn’t become cloying. It reminds me of Lubin’s Korrigan in certain aspects, but without the overwhelming sweetness that one exudes after a while. Love this perfume, I bought it as my Christmas gift. Plus, the bottle is packed in the most beautiful satin-lined box, just like the perfumes of long ago. Longevity is pretty good, my T-shirt still smells delicious the next day, so this one is definitely a winner.

  2. FragranceAndFashion

    Wow! Just got a sample of this. This is a great one. 10/10. Very regal, clean and dark at the same time. High quality ingredients. Worth the price IMO.

  3. FragranceAndFashion

    After a full wearing. This i will be added to my collection. The is creamy rum with leather in background. But the rum is the star of the show. This must be Rum Absolute because it seams to last forever. That also would explain the price as Rum Absolute oil is very expensive.

  4. deadidol

    Barrel starts with a peppery, earthy oak accompanied by what smells like a coarse, cade-infused leather. A coriander note is set on high, and a patchouli / vetiver combo provides structure, but the emphasis is mainly on gritty, textural wood notes over a chord of clean, mineralic soil. Furthermore, there’s a boozy facet and some floral notes for lift with the overall form reading like more bodied and substantial take on L’Occitane’s Cade—warm, yet bracing. Relatively linear, this one’s easy to enjoy in that it doesn’t demand too much from the wearer but it offers enough depth and complexity to maintain interest.

  5. Tresor

    In my part of the world we are blanketed (blanketed is being *very* kind) in an obscene amount of snow. I have been yearning for any bit of warmth I can possibly latch onto, be it the assuaging embrace of a favourite sweater, something a bit more abstract like the aureate hues of a Klimt panting or the sensation of being enveloped by the vapours of a precious fragrant elixir. A notion of comfort within the glacial sting of a frigid Canadian winter. I decided to have a shuffle through my samples and happened upon a vial of Barrel. As I sprayed it on my skin I was met with an intoxicating menagerie of what to my nose smells of dark rum and oak delicately underscored with a rustic accord of soil and peat. It feels familiar but like a memory which you cannot decipher, uncertain if it were from a dream or from reality. Tuberose and orange blossom which were initially obscured by an unctuous, boozy haze then emerge and serve as an incredibly beautiful juxtaposition to the rigid masculinity of the opening. There is a distinct earthiness which remains and keeps the dry down from registering as confectionary, drawing forth the most raw and primal facets of a note who’s usual role is the infusion of a luscious dessert. I think it’s safe to say that I am a fan because I’ve managed to drain my sample completely dry today, reliving the exquisite incipience over and over again. Top marks for Barrel, an unconventional injection of incandescence into a rather blustery winter’s day.

  6. Clayton

    Barrel is an unusually contrasted fragrance. Pristine white floral notes (tuberose and orange blossom) are sullied with oak wood, leather tannins and moss. Barrel begins with notes of peat and smoke. Behind this lies a line of spices and sun kissed flowers. As the leather notes develop, the fragrance’s woody character takes over. Gently warmed with vanilla, Barrel reclines into a sweet sillage of flowers and oaky cognac.

  7. Lee-Ann

    Barrel is an intoxicating masculine scent with a twist. Smokey and smooth like a glass of whisky by the roaring fire. This scent radiates!

    A complex cocktail of peaty spirits of Rum and medicinal Absinth combined with rich Leather, dry Vetiver, and Oak Wood give off a distinct manly vibe. In addition, notes of herbal Coriander, sharp Pink Pepper, green Patchouli and Oak Moss round out what seems to be a typical masculine scent.

    But once again, MiN doesn۪t do typical, so added to this intoxicating concoction are unique notes of earthy Dirt, tart Tannins, Smoky Myrrh, combined with feminine notes of Orange Blossom, Tuberose, and Vanilla.

    The result is a glowing cologne that is captivating and alluring but also comforting. Think snuggling with the man of your dreams on a fur rug in front of the roaring fire!