Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.05


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A perfume of heritage,
the scent evokes
of faded memories.

A scent of love
& happiness.
A familiar childhood place.
All good things.

Top: Absinthe, Bergamot, Lemon, Aldehydes & Tarragon
Heart: Lavender, Rose, Jasmine & Verbena
Base: Gaiac Wood, Oppoponax & Patchouli

Size 75ml
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6 reviews

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  1. thesheppardess

    I shouldn’t like Momento but I do. The lavendar and aoud alone, should stop me from even testing it. Reminds me of Guerlains Jicky. If it was easily attainable at a reasonable price, it would go on my want list. Behaves very well on my skin.
    For a recent creation, Momento feels very vintage.

  2. DHIguy99

    Okay I am going to eat my words here. I recently ventured to nyc and ended up getting my nose on this scent. I smelled it and immediately knew this was the fragrance for me. Soapy but in a way it was dark and mysterious too. Great year round scent. I am very fortunate to own it because this smells very unique.

  3. deadidol

    Slightly pungent and reverentially old-school, I find that Momento smells like a mashup of an ‘80s powerhouse with an ultra-modern industrial product—a combination that’s striking within its context. Bitter citrus tackles waxy aldehydes to produce a novel opening sequence, giving way to a sweeter heart with soapy lavender facets. While I’m inclined to approach it as a traditional aromatic, I’m not sure that’s really what it is as Momento hearkens back in some ways and looks forward in others. After an hour or so, the base reveals itself to be an affable, yet simple sweet amber complete with floral nuances. I’d describe the overall effect as an unconventional candied twist on something much older that pushes up against the boundaries of genre demarcation.

  4. offscenterinnj

    Momento is a myrrh lovers dream as the main player is sweet, resinous myrrh. As Momento opens, you’ll get a huge blast of lemon, sharp and a bit harsh, hovering over a resinous myrrh. Tarragon adds a hint of spice to the composition and absinth adding some depth and richness to the mix. As Momento develops, the tart lemon dissipates and the myrrh sweetens and becomes the front and center note for the duration of its lifespan, accented by a touch of aldehydic sparkliness. An earthy patchouli blends seamlessly with the myrrh in the base to temper it so to keep it from turning sour as myrrh has a tendency to do. This is myrrh done right, sweet, resinous and completely wearable. Momento is quite complex as it changes constantly on the skin for the first few hours, as the scent warms up slowly over time and becomes denser and richer, but never too heavy. Longevity is monsterous at 12+ hours on my skin and it has moderate throw. MiN New York has done an amazing job with the Scent Stories collection and Momento is the standout of the 11 fragrances for me. It was an instant purchase and one I am extremely happy to have in my collection. This is a Members Only fragrance available only to those who are charter members of MiN New York’s Private Members Club.

  5. Clayton

    MiN New York calls Momento “the scent of lost treasures.” For me it is the emotion of finding an old bottle of perfume, long forgotten in a dusty antiques shop. That momentary whiff of oxidised terpenes, which comes from the first spray, and fading flowers that eventually leads to a glorious blanket of nitromusks and mosses dosed in criminal quantities. Momento is the most nostalgic perfume in the collection. It begins with an electric flash of aldehydes and citrus notes, which gives Momento a fizzy sherbet effect. Beyond this, a familiar unfolding of aromatics leads to rose and jasmine then on to woods and resins. The great fougère fragrances of the late 19th century come to mind when I smell Momento.

  6. Lee-Ann

    Timeless favorites. All good things. The scent of lost treasures, like a box of old photographs or love letters_ A visit to a familiar place from your childhood. This is the scent of love and happiness.۝

    This is the description of MiN۪s Momento fragrance and it truly is a walk down memory lane. Like an old familiar friend this scent represents all that comforts.

    With bright Bergamot, clean Aldehydes, and sparkling Lemon and Verbena, at first this scent reminds me of a fresh, soapy bubble bath when you۪re a kid. Rubber Ducky and all!

    But add to that sunny Carnation, soft Rose, and smooth Jasmine and it smells like the lazy days of Summer۪s past.

    And in the end, glowing Oppoponax and rich Gaiac Wood wraps around you like a warm hug!

    Momento is a classic and timeless scent that will not only remind you of your favorite things but will become one of your favorite things!