Moon Dust

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.11


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It was said
that the moon
smells of gunpowder
after a desert rain.


Top: Coriander, Mineral Accord & Carrot Seed
Heart: Flint, Ozone & Tobacco
Base: Benzoin, Earth & Black Musk

MOON DUST makes an impactful entrance with a bright/dark contrast, showcasing a strong rooty, dryness that combines carrot seed, burnt tobacco leaf and an open mineral note. As the fragrance evolves, it unveils a deep ashes facet and a leather skin note, maintaining a voluminous character. The mysterious base reveals powdery woods with dry tobacco leaves and enhanced rooty facet of carrot seeds.

Size 75ml
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Moon Dust


13 reviews

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  1. flowersforever

    I have literally gone through 3 BOTTLES of nasomatto black afghano and Moon Dust is my new scent- I have FINALLY found something that speaks to me at such a profound level. It affected me the same way that black afghano did a few years ago- but this one is SO MUCH BETTER! It’s dark, futuristic, intense and completely unapologetic- which is exactly what I always hope to be. 😉

  2. rakan

    scent: 6/10
    longevity: 9/10
    100% night fragrance
    smoky scent

  3. DBF85

    I don’t smoke.. but OMG, this scent had me at hello!

    Tabacco, Musk & Powdery Incence .. I tried the tester on my hand the first time and kept sniffing at it for hours.

    Used 3 sprays the next day to try it during the day .. Loved it even more!

    Planning on getting the 50ml bottle.

  4. rob2b

    This is a marvellous fragrance; the ultimate comfort-scent.

    It has unintentionally captured a smell that I love. In the 90s, I used to burn Indian incense cones in a brass vessel with pierced holes which let the perfumed smoke escape. When the vessel was cold and unused, if you opened it, it smelled of incense, benzoin and an earthy, tarry resin odour, which was the scent of congealed smoke which had collected on the inside of the brasswork. Incredible!

    Wear this scent if you want to be gently cradled in a mood of calm and smoky warmth. Best suited to those who like their fragrances a bit left-of-centre.

  5. henri345que

    I miss fragrances like Moon Dust in the big collections that constantly show up in the launches, This type of fragrance may cause a little bit of a estrangement at first, but a thing that i have learned is that we only grew in knowledge and appreciation getting out of the comfort zone, but that is possible to get out of it connecting the exotic to the wearable. Inspired in the astronaut descriptions of what would be the Moon aroma, Moond Ust is a mixture of smells that refer to spent gunpowder, coal and mineral/ozonic tones. If this seems like a perfect inspiration for a Comme des Garcons perfume, it seems that MiN antecipated that and created something that would be a perfect member of the Odeur collection, something familiarly strange and at the same time cozy and wearable. In my view, Moon Dust makes me think of earth, burnt rubber, smoky tobacco and i’d also add a very dark vegetal aura,which reminds me of the oregano aroma, one of the most dingy herbal smells i have seen so far. At firs, Moon Dust has this explosion of dark and dusty tones, that bit by bit acquire lightness and show their little mineral side, that for me reminds me the smell of a heated lamp.

    This is for me so far the standout of this collection for a person like me that has tried so many new things with a impression that even in niche what has been delivered to the final consumer is more of the same

  6. mikeyd

    Ok so here’s what I get from moon dust…

    It starts out almost like if you gargled with mint mouthwash and spit it in the sink that minty smell..even though there isn’t any mint notes listed then it goes to a very cold smelling stone smell like cement it smells gritty and smokey like interlude man but not as potent I think it’s really great. ..very ashy smelling after 1hr


  7. zevy01

    I have many fragrances and have never been inspired to write a review until now. I was researching different scents based upon the notes I tend to lean towards, when I stumbled upon Min New Yorks line of fragrances. After reading about the notes, and composition I knew I had to try this stuff. I received my sample in the mail today, and Im going to give you my first impressions.

    I was very excited to try this stuff because it seemed so perfect for me. But once I was holding the sample in my hand I began to get nervous. “”what if this scent that seems like it could be so perfect, goes horribly wrong.”” “”What if its not what I expected it to be.””

    Anyway I sprayed it on my arm, and waited a bit. Once I inhaled, I knew this was something special. Initially it reminds you of Aventus because of the strong smokiness, but Aventus has the fruity notes which brings in a sweetness. Moon Dust is unapolegeticly dark, dirty, and smokey. I gathered a cedar note, but as if the cedar was burning in a fire, and a light dirt note with benzoin.

    This is really special for me and I will be ordering a bottle. But I must say this is not for everyone it is definitely a try before you buy. And it is most certainly masculine to the max. I can’t see any woman wearing this.

    Edit: As much as I LOVE this fragrance, it seems from the sampler that its longevity is lacking a bit and faded on me rather quickly. I will test out more from my bottle and review.

  8. Shanester66

    To me this is smoke at its best…just enough that its speaks to me slow burning wood fire in my log cabin smokin a nice bowl of English tobacco as apposed to crazed boy scout bonfire. Excellent *****/5

  9. deadidol

    This is hands-down the standout of the line for me. It’s a stripped down and minimal béton brut affair, yet its complexity arises through evocation of totemic structures and cold stone. There’s a balsamic touch to keep the dominant wet cement effect from dragging it down, but the fragrance is centered upon a truly beautiful flint / ink chord akin to what Bruno Fazzolari recently captured in Lampblack. On the one hand, Moon Dust smells crude, but on the other, you can grasp the dimentionality by meditating on the components. It smells as though it’s structured upon vetiver and patchouli, but it’s really too gravely to be either one. Spices are present, but subdued, and I suspect that cinnamon and cardamom are doing much of the labor in this department. Despite the rain-on-concrete impression, the scent is dry as a bone. It conjures up a disaffected Ballardian landscape in a manner that lines such as Comme des Garçons and Nu_Be have favored, achieving a similar effect with aplomb.

  10. claudia0219

    This is a wonderful smokey amber on me with a slight dirtiness, my skin pulls no sweetness. When I have this on my skin, I see a cabin covered in snow with a warm glowing fire burning in the fireplace inside. It also reminds me a little of the 777 Black Gemstone another masterpiece imo.

  11. Clayton

    Moon Dust is another challenging fragrance amongst the MiN New York Scent Stories. A highly unusual beetroot accord gives the effect of wet earth, silt and river stones. A hint of benzoin brings sweetness and black musk latches this unusual ensemble to skin. It’s a dry, mineral and dusty fragrance, which has a cooling nature. Moon Dust is the scent of the dark side of the moon with an ozonic quality that defies earth’s gravitational laws.

  12. Lee-Ann

    This fragrance is out of this world! Literally!

    With an other-worldly combination of Flint Stone, Ozone, and Dirt, Moon Dust smells like a metallic sharp coolness like the darkness of space. But I included it in the Winter category as it reminded me of that cool, icy, mineral-like smell after a fresh snowfall on a cold Winter day.

    This scent is cool! A bit hard to get used to as it۪s so unique, but definitely one-of-a-kind!

    However, this icy stangeness melts under the warmth of slightly smoky Tobacco, Sweet Benzoin, and Black Musk.

    Moon Dust is one-of-a-kind and a truly imaginative fragrance executed to perfection!

  13. Brynne

    I’ve been nursing a 2ml sample of this for months, and every time I spray it, it surprises me. I’m never ready for its wash of ozone, the petrichor, the grinding scent of rocks and earth and darkness. Have you ever been in the middle of a thunderstorm in the desert, the kind that rumbles violently across the landscape but rarely produces rain? This scent is that storm, that crackle of electricity, the smoke hanging on the air after a bolt has struck so, so close.

    People say it’s a cold scent, and I agree, but on my skin it gets warm (probably the musk). It feels like hot desert rocks, like the kind in Arizona I grew up around. I agree with a past review- it is dry as bone, with no wetness or lushness or greenery you often find in other earthy scents. Nothing has grown in this desert for millennia. It is dry, harsh, and eternal.

    I think I’m in love.