Old School Bench

Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.08


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A noir memory
of young artists
etching in school.

Pencil shavings,
charcoal on paper,
& vintage desks.

Top: Lemon, Bergamot & Angelica Root
Heart: Geranium, Rum, Cocoa & Wood Wax
Base: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Patchouli & Vetyver

OLD SCHOOL BENCH unfolds with a predominant geranium note, sparkling citrus with the earthy moistness of patchouli. The geranium fades and a strong, smoky woody note of nutty vetiver and a subtle liquor facet emerge. In the drydown, the creation evolves into a direct woody base, still earthy, smoky and dusty, embodying the essence of an old-school charm.

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Old School Bench


6 reviews

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  1. laantjebanaantje

    Old School Bench opens really dry. Dry patchouli, dry cedar and dry, dusty cacao powder. Alsmost like an attack on the lungs.

    After a while the scent deepens. A touch of honey for the barest hint of sweetness and vetiver and whiskey for a deep smoky flavor. There’s a sour note to it as well.

    The base is pencil shavings and a deep smoked wood accord, like the beams in an old room where fires have been lit for centuries to keep the cold out.

    I find it simple and quite linear, but in the best way possible. Can’t get enough of the smoked woods. It reminds me of ancient lecture halls. A very old school bench indeed.

  2. deadidol

    Puzzling name aside (I’m assuming it’s an “old bench from a school” rather than an “old-school bench”), this is another strong offering from the collection. In fact, while I personally prefer Moon Dust (and perhaps Barrel), I find this to be the line’s most successful realization of an experimental and articulate vision. It opens with what appears to be a bizarre yet engaging alliance of wood and chocolate that carries an insinuation of a boozy Turkish Delight. Despite this, there’s no overt sweetness as the chocolate notes are rendered with poise. Instead, what emerges is a musty note that becomes a dominant player in the blend—one that elevates this scent into truly distinctive territories. It shares some of Moon Dust’s sense of alienation, but adds an organic pulse through a chord that smells vaguely berry-like and varnished at the same time. Picture an old piece of oak furniture, dripping in character and history—one that’s been given a new lease of life through the application of a semi-sweet chemical process—and you’ll have a sense of what this is about. It’s fairly linear, but is surprisingly accessible and pleasant. I’m honestly not sure how this was accomplished, but it works very well. A real standout.

  3. Clayton

    Old School Bench is wonderfully rich and layered. I’m not a big fan of chocolate in fragrance but the sweetness I am not fond of is skillfully controlled. Old School Bench uses the richness of cocoa to provide an earthy sugar-free experience. Geranium is the predominant floral, which pairs beautifully with vetiver, patchouli and waxed woods. Their sobriety is uplifted with gourmand notes of chocolate, vanilla and rum. During lunchtime, this is the old school bench where the mischievous kids sit. Today one of them has smuggled dad’s hip flask of rum into school inside their lunchbox.

  4. Lee-Ann

    Old School Bench is one of the most unique Scent Stories of the collection. The first scent among a few that aren۪t so much pretty۝ as they are sentimental. A nostalgic combination of sweet and woody. The balance between hope for a new school year and the seriousness of the homework to come!

    With notes of vibrant Bergamot, smooth Rum, sweet Chocolate and Vanilla, you۪d think this would smell almost edible, but add to that earthy Angelica Root and Wood wax and you realize you۪ve been benched_.sitting on an old school bench that is! Swinging your legs, kicking up your leather loafers and scratching at the soft waxy wood as you wait for the school bus.

    And no school scent would be complete without the distinct smell of pencil shavings and chalk boards recreated by woody Cedar and dusty Vetiver roots and almost lead-like Patchouli.

  5. thesmellyvagabond

    Smoky pencil shavings! My second favorite of the line.

  6. Jeph

    A fragrance that thoughtfully dominates. Filling the imagination with images of dimly lit studios, worn canvases, pungent ink. I was immediately entranced and transported to the somber hours spent working in solitude. Can nostalgia have a scent? No fragrance can answer that. But this one dares to raise the question.