Scent Stories Vol.2/Ch.02


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A quality we appreciate
in all things we touch.

Vanilla, jasmine & orange blossom
are carefully blended into a bouquet
of luxurious musks.

Top: Almond, Galbanum & Clove Bud
Heart: Jasmine, Iris & Orange Blossom
Base: Vanilla Bean, Ambergris & Musk

PLUSH unfolds with a slightly metallic note, softened by almond and feathered musk. Evolving into a solar white floral heart, it becomes creamier and even more textured thanks to the vanilla and a mineral woody undertone. In the drydown, the almond-vanilla sweetness finds balance with the mineral touch of ambergris. The conclusion is a fresh yet addictive blend, where rounded musk gains a subtle piquancy from the warmth of clove.

Size 75ml
Weight 2 lbs
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Size 15ml
Weight 0.2 lbs
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4 reviews

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  1. ellenfgee

    You’d think something called Plush wouldn’t be for men but I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS WRONG IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. It has a little bit of clove and I love the ambergris and musk. It’s sweet but not cloyingly sweet and I would say that anyone who even likes almond should definitely try this one on the skin. Do give it a few minutes on the skin and it will open up into something quite special.

  2. kayenn

    My second MiN perfume; I’m in love. This fragrance is simultaneously warm and happy and sexy.

  3. Risien

    This is fantastic. Doesn’t project for more than an hour, though. Longevity is ok, about 7 hrs. Even with the average performance, I would still buy 5 bottles of this, man.

    It’s a sweet and powdery floral right, but I get this sharp, “”dirty”” tinge towards the base that ruins it, and it makes me sad because I wanna like this fragrance as a whole sooOooo bad lololol. I’m gonna have to dock some points ughhh


    Someone hug me.

  4. Ris

    This smells more geared towards women, but I don’t give a darn, man, this stuff is fantastic. If it projected a bit more, I would give it a perfect 10, no doubt.