Scent Stories Vol.1/Ch.04


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mystical time travelers.
of sacred spirits.

this love potion
is sensual & infinite.

Top: Violet Leaf, Mandarin & Cardamom
Heart: Frankincense, Cistus-labdanum, Nutmeg & Rose Absolute
Base: Ambergris, Patchouli, Styrax & Honey

SHAMAN captivates with a vibrant hook of cold spices and a subtle green facet from violet leaf, while the intimate heart reveals soft florals entwined with a powdery note and a delicate light incense facet. The unique drydown stands apart with a delicate, silky texture reminiscent of a petal, featuring a soft and slightly powdery patchouli, accompanied by a mild honey nectar scent.

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7 reviews

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  1. DQ

    This fragrance will be part of my “Killer” accessories when attending power meetings. The patchouli is subdued, yet with enough presence to keep it on the masculine side – the violet adds a feminine touch, which keeps it out of the brute realm, asserting the importance of smarts over force. The incense makes it mysterious enough, as to saying; “I got more”. The blend is superb chemically and artistically. Next month I have some meetings where, I know for sure I will be the only one wearing Shaman- Unique alright! The entire line of Min NY with Scent Stories is for people who are sure of themselves – Buyer beware!!!

  2. Arabian Knight

    Interesting. I’m not a huge fan of violet, usually I find it too harsh and medicinal, but its presence here, after it settles, is quite delicate. It has a pleasant freshness. The incense is not particularly heavy either, more like a thin trail. It’s very wearable, feminine and young.

    The image I have in my head is of a pretty 20-something hippy wearing a squeaky leather jacket suffused with incense and chewing violet flavored gum.

  3. Tresor

    There are some fragrances which are so powerfully meditative and achieve their beauty and grace not from the resolute complexity of their formula but rather the delicate touch and restraint exercised in their creation. One of these fragrances, for me, is Shaman. It opens on my skin with a cool violet leaf with a slight metallic edge that perfectly ricochets the light off of it’s surface and adds a distinct luminosity to the already diaphanous incense that follows. The base is of a smoldering patchouli, tendrils of smoke rising from the cinders gathered at the edges of the leaves and coaxing their splendid essence into fiery vapor. The composition is positively symphonic in it’s simplicity and is easily one of my favourites in the collection.

  4. Clayton

    Shaman is the scent of a leather pouch used to gather magical herbs and roots from the forest. A puff of minty freshness opens into a range of green smells, from fresh sap to dried leaves. Petrol-like violet and patchouli leaves give rise to fond memories of Dior’s Fahrenheit but Shaman is much too illusive to make this association clear. Patchouli naturally has dankness and there is something almost indolic about Shaman. It smells of a cave filled with hanging plant matter and animal skins. Shaman is an evocative perfume and it will undoubtedly hold many perfumistas under its spell.

  5. Lee-Ann

    Guardians of sacred spirits. Clairvoyant, infinite, and profound.۝

    Shaman is the smell of peace and tranquillity, like the stillness of falling snow.

    A unique combination of slightly metallic and watery Violet Leaves and atmospheric Incense mixed with smoky Patchouli that leads to a one-of-a-kind scent of pure meditative bliss!

    The smell of Shaman takes me to a mental nirvana! A transcendental scent worthy of all spiritual gurus, or those who just need some peace & calm in their lives.

  6. Christos

    A few weeks ago I was writing about the heartbreak of having Basala, an old love of mine, turn bad on me, and how my memory of it is so strong that the gaps created in the composition are being filled in by recollections of it. Shaman has a weird resonance of Basala in it. It smells of green-blue folliage, misty woods and the strangest cigarette smoke note ever_ It even has the strange metallic clang, like an armor, that Basala had. When I try to pin down specific similarities they escape me but still I am so happy to find a scent that smells so not like the 10۪s. It remains clear and transparent but plays with the mystery of Of course it is done in a very different way, much more transparent, no aggressiveness, and everything smells less bombastic and more natural. It remains a mysterious scent however. Another beautiful composition.

  7. Ingrid Garcia

    Delightfully and refreshingly unique and captivating. I’m in LA and people physically draw close to me to smell it! It was tragic when I ran and just had to order it.