Larry Fay spent $100,000 to renovate a mansion on 56th ST for his last club, the CASA BLANCA, a reincarnation of CLUB NAPOLEAN a popular speakeasies in the 20s.

Fay’s dream came to an end when he was shot dead there on New Year’s Day 1933, by a disgruntled doorman.

This fragrance is inspired by the infamous club Casa Blanca. Owned by the bootlegger Larry Fay and frequented by a gangster clientele, Casa Blanca was known for classic cocktails during the Prohibition era. A hint of lingering dark booze evaporating on wood captivates & transports you to a secret & cozy establishment.


Vessel: English bone china
Precious Metal: Platinum
Burn time: 90+ hours


A Scent Story in candle format.

Weight 2 lbs


Casa Blanca Candle: Art Series



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