A presentation box containing three iconic scents: VOODOO, CODA and SHAMAN housed in 9ml vials, designed to use with MiN NEW YORK’s functional and timeless travel case – lightweight and with our signature logo.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 8 × 1.5 in


The Traveler: Scent Stories


6 reviews

Moderation Chart
  1. Marcy

    I’m obsessed with Voodoo, Moon Dust and Coda… and now I can bring all three with me when I travel which is such a game changer. The travel case is super cute too.

  2. Michael P.

    Love that I can just slip the case into my gym bag and take it with me instead of the entire bottle. Been wearing Dahab for years!

  3. Chels

    why isn’t there one of Momento??? Don’t get me wrong. I love this travel size but I literally fell in love with this brand after staying at the Pendry on a staycation, so I want to cary that scent with me all the time!

  4. G Bortz

    these are the best scents and it’s a bummer i could only choose 3. i ended up buying another case just to get all 5. please make them all available for purchase at once guys

  5. James Roberts

    My girlfriend is obsessed with Plush and she’s been wanting to try some of the other scents too. This is the same price as the entire sample set and you get more for your money for just the ones you know you’ll like. The case was cool too.

  6. George

    coda, dahab, voodoo!! my favorite set with the case. amazing for packing in my gym bag.