HOLY SMOKE is a journey into the complex story of western civilization through the heart of San Clemente al Laterano, a basilica nestled between the rolling hills of historic Rome.

The golden design on this vessel recreates the flicker within this sacred structure.

Venerate, Bless, and Sanctify.
Descend into a dark & smokey ritual under gold mosaics. A medieval basilica set atop a 4th Cent. church & a 1st Cent. Mithraic temple.

Top: Elemi Heart & Aldehyde
Heart: Olibanum & Olibanum Absolute
Base: Labdanum, Amber Cashmere Woods & Patchouli

Vessel: English bone china
Precious Metal: 22ct gold
Burn time: 90 hours


A Scent Story in candle format.

Weight 1.76 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 7 in


Holy Smoke Candle: Art Series



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